Obamacare enrollment sabotaged?

Enrollment is down sharply on the federal health insurance marketplace this fall, and the consumer assistance groups that help with sign-ups think they know why.

They don’t have the staff to help as many customers as before because the Trump administration slashed funding. The federal government is spending $10 million this year on navigators who help individuals enroll in coverage. The government spent $36 million in 2017 and $63 million in 2016.


After five years you would think Americans would have made their decisions or at least know the drill and it would not be unreasonable to expect the money necessary to provide enrollment should decline, although perhaps not so dramatically.

One can only speculate that the failure of Obamacare to deliver on its affordability promise may be a significant factor … along with unreasonable expectations of what affordable means.


  1. My sister is glad the mandate is gone in 2019. Her husband age 62 smokes and his premium for the cheapest plan is $600 with a $6,000 deductible. Something she could not afford, since they were just above the income level to get any help from the government.
    You can keep your Doctor, you can keep your coverage LIE is just one of the big problems with Obama Care. My sisters employer coverage premiums and deductibles doubled $250 / $2500 to $500 / $5000. They both have less than $1500 in medical expense each year, the cost of these plans are just not worth it. I read the Obama Care bill highlights before it was passed and told my Montana Senator Max Baucus one of the bill author’s that it looked like all it was is a payoff to the health insurance industry. He never responded, I did not even get the normal form letter. This just shows how the government can really screw things up, when they let the industry write the bill. They could of covered most of the poor without insurance by just expanding Medicaid. If you think Obama Care sucks, just wait until Medicare for All is passed.


    1. But one minor health issue could easily result in bills well exceeding $5,000. If they can’t afford premiums, what would they do then?


  2. No individual mandate penalty tax combined with lack of affordable plans? One of my family members, age 30, is currently enrolled in a public exchange option in New York City with a $3,000+ deductible, paying $300+ per month, with annual taxable income of just over $30,000 a year. it is a wonder that she/he hasn’t waived coverage.


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