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We own too much stuff. I was speaking with a cable installer recently. He told me he had just finished hooking up 11 televisions in one home. The average home has 2.3 televisions, which is actually declining, as younger people instead stream on other devices.

Don’t think you have too much stuff? Try moving out of your home of many years and cleaning out your closets—which we just did. My wife found five boxes of shoes she didn’t recall she had and which she had never worn. Even I found two boxes of unworn shoes—but I’m innocent, because my wife bought them for me.

Source: We’re Stuffed – HumbleDollar


  1. Dear f4j7… It’s been a while since we have heard from Wilson, our representative of the left wing. Judging from your last few posts, it looks like you will be a lot more entertaining. :- )

    Hope you stick around for a while. This blog could use a fresh EXPERT.


    1. You sound like you feel the top 50% are somehow responsible for the state of the bottom 50%. How does that work? Did it ever occur that most people started out in the bottom 50% and worked their way up over many years?


      1. And you sound as if you’re in the top 1%. I’m an EXPERT in HR. I talk to people day in and day out where they are being denied raises, denied promotions, denied transfers, wrongfully put on corrective action, and wrongfully terminated


      2. I am a retired VP Compensation and Benefits for a Fortune 500 company and worked for fifty years in HR. Nice to talk to an expert though.


      3. Keep it civil. I’m a Trilingual Senior HR Employee Relations Specialist who talks to thousands of employees every year who are being wrongfully fired, put on unnecessary corrective action plans, given NO raises, denied promotions, etc.


      4. you were being insulting and degrading by bragging how far up the corporate ladder you were. I have the hard job, I have to be the “bad guy” and tell people their not eligible for Sick Pay or than their Retirement Benefits have been discontinued to save the company money


      5. You were the one who said you were an EXPERT, not me. You don’t think I did all that over a fifty year career? From your comments it appears the HR field may not be your ideal career field.


  2. I have so much stuff in my 3 bedroom 2 bath home. My wife and I use our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen the rest of the house is storage. I still have 75 VHS Tapes. Time to build a garage? ROFLMAO.


      1. I will leave most of that for my 4 kids, most of it is stuff that they left when they moved out after high school. I try to get them to take it when they visit, but they say they do not have room for it. lol. My wife will not let my throw out or sell anything at a garage sale. Happy wife happy life.


      1. I like the new tiny house big living show on HGTV I would like to down size, but the wife thinks I am crazy. I also want to purchase a small used RV to travel the USA for a couple of years, I just hate paying for lodging when I travel. The wife and I were gone from home from July 2016 until August 2017 Visiting family in TX, OK, NY and PA. I will probably purchase the RV in September 2019, not going to spend the winter months in Montana, if I do not have to.


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