Medicare errors down🤔

CMS: Medicare fee-for-service improper payments down $4.6B this year

New data from the CMS showed that the rate of Medicare fee-for-service improper payments dropped to 8.12% this year from 9.51% in 2017, representing a $4.59 billion decline and the lowest rate since 2010.
The CMS attributed the decline to a multifaceted approach with a focus on “prevention-oriented activities,” including claim error corrections, prior authorizations and provider education on Medicare regulations.



  1. Why haven’t they done this to ALL medical. supplemental, Fee for service, Medicaid, Workers Comp, Medicare?????? Medicare isn’t the only plan that has fraud in it. You used to tell us things about the prescription companies selling their stuff, free samples to doctors and I had one come into the room with me BEFORE I retired. There are times we have to FIGHT for coverage and yet these fraud cases get everything. Then the drug companies that try to repel generic copies of their drugs. Their patents are up and they change one thing and renew the patent.
    With Obamacare; doctors, hospitals, therapies all had to merge to survive and install computer systems to link up to each other. problems came from that too.


  2. The real question is; did the providers get smarter and learn how to properly submit the billing or did Trump cut the staff and or are they no longer catching 1.39% of the errors? It could also mean that the providers have found a way around being flagged for improper payments.

    It is sad to think like this but $4.59 billion will make people do anything to get a share of that pie. Also it does not mean that Medicare actually saved that money, just that the billing errors were less.


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