As long as people don’t see paying for health care as their responsibility, costs will be uncontrollable.

In 1961 my health insurance consisted of hospitalization, inpatient physician services only based on a fee schedule and a fixed dollar amount toward x-rays and lab work each year ($25). No coverage for outpatient services (office visits) or Rx, both of which were affordable. THEN we expanded coverage and expanded coverage so today, as an example only, the voluntary purchase of a birth control pill that may cost $20 a month must be free to everyone. And you seriously don’t understand why health insurance is so expensive? Americans do not feel that any of their hard earned money should pay for health care. The most modest, routine expense is deemed unaffordable and so they end up paying equally unaffordable high premiums.


  1. There is a solution permitted under existing PPACA 2010 statutes. But so long as politicians prefer buying votes by asking others to pay, not going to happen.

    Just like Social Security and Medicare, people have been told that they have paid for their benefits, where only a minority have actually paid sufficient taxes to justify the benefit provided.

    Do you know any politician who is interested in a solution?


  2. I am starting to believe that healthcare, food, shelter, and full retirement from Social Security are all part of the Bill Rights. People keep demanding these as entitlements from our government and most politicians are promising to give people these things. But I have yet to find healthcare as a basic right in our Constitution.

    I think that another issue in controlling healthcare costs is clear pricing. There is such a large difference in the “list price” and what doctors and labs will accept. Some of the things that I, as in my insurance, has paid, has been paid at a 80% discount. What is the real cost?


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