Ignore the Signs? – HumbleDollar

Where is the stock market taking us? Should we prepare for a further downturn? What are the implications for those saving for retirement and for retirees?

Are we entering a buying opportunity for long term savers?

Read the thoughts of Jonathan Clements on HumbleDollar.com

Don’t panic! Don’t screw up your 401k!

Where does that leave us? Should we simply ignore valuations? Call me stubborn, but I continue to believe that today’s rich valuations mean we’ll get modest returns over the next decade. I could, of course, be wrong. Still, I think it’s prudent for retirement savers to assume low investment returns and sock away extra money to compensate—and I believe it’s wise for retirees to stand ready to cut their spending for a year or two, should the markets go against them.

Source: Ignore the Signs? – HumbleDollar

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