Medicare for All-Nice Slogan- but not understood

Enthusiasm for Medicare for All is based on a great deal of misinformation and perceptions of the ideal health care system… which doesn’t exist. All this enthusiasm is fueled by politicians with an agenda devoid of facts and details.

You simply cannot plop every American into Medicare, eliminate cost sharing, greatly expand benefits and think it will be business as usual receiving health care. For most Americans the cost of such a plan in taxes will outweigh what they currently pay for health care.

Americans do not understand a M4A plan means turning over all health care and control to a federal bureaucracy.

But some worry the terms “Medicare-for-all” and “single-payer” are at risk of becoming empty campaign slogans. In precise terms, Medicare-for-all means bringing all Americans under the government’s insurance program now reserved for people 65 and over, while single-payer health care would have the government pay everyone’s medical bills. But few politicians are speaking precisely.

Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, said, “People read into ‘Medicare-for-all’ what they want to read into it.” …

… Enthusiastic politicians sometimes gloss over those consequences. For example, Liz Watson, a Democrat running in Indiana’s 9th Congressional District, suggested the impact on doctors’ income was not much of a concern, because they would see a “huge recovery” on expenses since they would no longer need to navigate the bureaucracy of insurance paperwork. But analysts across the board agree single-payer would cut revenue for doctors — many say by about 12 percent on average.

And many voters seem confused by the fundamentals. In polling by the Kaiser Family Foundation, about half of Americans said they believed they would be able to keep their current insurance under a single-payer plan, which is not the case…

Source: In 2018 Races, Medicare For All Is As Much Political Slogan As PolicyKaiser Health News


  1. I don’t think MEdicare for all is a good plan if the terms are the same as seniors have, as there are many things to be considered, if the plan remains as it is. First, one is limited to available drugs on formularies, meaning the most up to date drugs aren’t available, Medicare premiums currently are approx $1590 a year, for individuals making under a certain dollar amount, those over that amount would pay more as present Medicare recipients, however there are restrictions on what is available. Medicare would have to be totally revamped in order to provide the same coverage as private insurance companies afford it’s participants and those making more money would pay more than the minimum depending on income which I don’t know if their plans are less costly (based on income presently what one pays for Medicare). , choices aren’t readily available on Medicare as they are on private plans nor are medications available plus it would put many Americans out of jobs in the insurance business, as well as many of the hospitals would have a tremendously large amount of paperwork in submitting Medicare paperwork to the government, as it now stands., So I don’t think providing Medicare for all is a good idea for all!


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