Medicare Part B premium increasing $1.50

In case you missed it …

Medicare Part B Premiums/Deductibles

Medicare Part B covers physician services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and certain other medical and health services not covered by Medicare Part A.

The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $135.50 for 2019, a slight increase from $134 in 2018.

An estimated 2 million Medicare beneficiaries (about 3.5 percent) will pay less than the full Part B standard monthly premium amount in 2019 due to the statutory hold harmless provision, which limits certain beneficiaries’ increase in their Part B premium to be no greater than the increase in their Social Security benefits.

CMS also announced that the annual deductible for Medicare Part B beneficiaries is $185 in 2019, an increase from $183 in 2018.

Medicare Part A Premiums/Deductibles

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, and some home health care services. About 99 percent of Medicare beneficiaries do not have a Part A premium since they have at least 40 quarters of Medicare-covered employment.

The Medicare Part A inpatient deductible that beneficiaries will pay when admitted to the hospital is $1,364 in 2019, an increase of $24 from $1,340 in 2018.


  1. Good to know the Medicare increase, but again takes away from SS COLA. Will SS COLA ever go up without Medicare increasing? Even with the 2.8 increase, it still doesn’t bring us up to the many increases in the rising costs! Now Medicare taking not much but some from that COLA. With interest rates on credit cards increasing almost daily due to the variable rates tied to the prime rate, we as seniors just can’t get a raise without something else increasing! Trying to stay above board in the community gets harder and harder for those of us trying to make ends meet . I see doctors that participate in Medicare doing less and less for the patient on the wellness annual physical, medications are formulary only and none of us ever get RX’s the most up-to-date meds available for our meds, yet charging a tremendous amount to Medicare. `I hope in future COLA’s we can receive just one SS COLA without Medicare helping themselves to some of it, regardless of how small!!


    1. That is very unlikely. Health care costs always go up especially for Medicare. It’s more greater utilization than prices and as more and more people are on Medicare that will get worse.


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