Stepping Back – HumbleDollar. What can ordinary investors do about the stock market?

AS YOU NO DOUBT noticed, the stock market took investors on a wild ride last week. On Wednesday, the Dow industrials dropped more than 800 points. On Thursday, the Dow lost another 546 points. Friday was better, up 287 points, but there was still plenty of stomach-churning volatility.At times like this, I’m reminded of Warren Buffett’s motto: “You want to be greedy when others are fearful, and you want to be fearful when others are greedy.” While that certainly sounds logical, Buffett is also a multi-billionaire. He can afford to be serene when others are stressed. What should ordinary investors be doing? Here are five thoughts:

Source: Stepping Back – HumbleDollar

If the stock market has you in a tizzy, here are a few tips that might help calm your waters.

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