Shouldn’t we ask where the money is coming from for all these grand social ideas? The

It would indeed be nice if everyone could have all they wished for and not worry about the cost. It would be amazing if there were no need to take responsibility for our own financial security. If would be great if what we spend money on was of no concern.

The last I looked that is the dream of the political far left. And what a dream. Even if it was all fiscally possible by all Americans giving most of their income to government, it would also mean turning control of much of our lives over to a federal bureaucracy and the whims of future congresses and administrations.

Is that what most Americans want?

This was never the vision of FDR.

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  1. Unfortunately, “maintaining the standard of living” currently means to pay off pre-retirement debt and having enough money left over to continue to buying things you WANT instead of ensuring enough money for your NEEDS without having to continue to work or having any kind of savings in the bank after reaching your retirement age.

    The standard should not be based on that person living in a 2500-sq.ft. house either. May be that standard should be based on that person renting the 1000-sq.ft. apartment. The statement should be that Social Security should be able to maintain a MINIMUM standard of living. Why should Social Security provide enough funds for someone to go to Starbucks when you can make coffee at home?

    The Left makes it sounds like I should be able to retire without a pension or savings and not change a thing in my life no matter what income bracket you are in (except the rich, whoever they are). That is just wrong. There are plenty of people who need Social Security to exist and need help but these people probably have already learned how to live on a small income and that is their standard of living and maybe it’s a 100% income replacement for them.

    However, I should never expect 100% replacement but only that minimum amount even if it is 40%, 20%, or 10% of my pre-retirement income. If I can’t live on 40% of my pre-retirement income then maybe it time to sell that 2500-sq.ft. house. Or maybe, just maybe, that is why I never owned one in the first place because I knew that I could not retire in such a big house. My standard is 1200-sq.ft and I have everything I need and get to do a lot of wants.

    I hope I do not live long enough to see it but if the Left gets its M4A then what is next, Full Pensions for All like in Greece? We all know how that worked out a few years back.


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