M4A will save money?

Proponents of M4A claim trillions of dollars in saving over ten years. The major components of those anticipated savings are 💊 lower drug prices, 😷 lower payments to health care providers and 🤑lower administrative costs throughout the health care system.

The fact is that other universal systems have all those factors. And other systems have consequences as well.

Other countries spend less on health care, that’s a fact, but it’s also true that even with that lower spending base, they struggle with rising costs every year.

Very little about America or Americans is comparable to other countries; from the cars we drive, our housing, our accumulated stuff, or our eating habits and lifestyle or our expectations for health care, including our expectations for the latest technology and the most effective drugs even if they are only marginally more effective.

To meet all the expectations and promises M4A must make major changes to every aspect of how Americans receive health care, not just how they pay for it. And even then there will still be the ongoing challenge to manage costs in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, many Americans may see M4A largely as universal coverage and “free” health care. That cannot be the case.

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