Why do politicians forget the consequences of their great ideas?

My local ShopRite supermarket is a haven for senior citizens. Several local senior housing facilities bus seniors to do their shopping. They like the choices and the prices. I suspect some depend on the lower prices.
The average pay at SR is $11.00 an hour with a cashier earning about $10.00. The store just eliminated it’s small order checkout lanes and replaced them with eight self-checkout stations.

I don’t know if any worker lost their job immediately, but there are certainly fewer jobs available.

Some of our politicians and activists seem to forget that everything is connected and there are consequences to all actions, in this case jobs and prices that seniors depend on.

One can only speculate the impact of a $15.00 minimum wage. While some individuals will gain others will not.


  1. My Shop Rite hires many seniors and mentally challenged workers to stock shelves and to bag groceries. They are very into community. Walmart does too and veterans. Our county goes out of the way to help people. When you do collect Social Security; you can only make so much. These jobs not only help the budget but it gets them out and they meet and greet folks.


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