Something just isn’t right

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  1. I have often wondered why John F. Kennedy said his famous words, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Was it because of people demanding too much after the Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal? Was it because of promises made to World War II and Korean War vets?

    After Kennedy’s death, the government continued the give-a-ways in form of civil rights and social programs. I am not saying that they were wrong or not just or moral but I think that the result of politicians buying votes have made us a nation of selfish and self-center people.

    Government no longer provides just for the common good with such things as defense, schools, or roads. They now also provide food, housing, and medical care. I too want some of my tax money back with basically direct payments to me. I want the government to spend tens of thousands of dollars on groups that I am associated with that will only benefit twenty or thirty people. As a result, this is the nation that we have become. Why work for the things you want when you can get stuff from your government by doing nothing.

    Case in point. A Florida teacher was fired two weeks ago for giving her students a zero for not turning a project. The school has a policy that the lowest grade a student can get is 50%. She refused to give half credit for no work done. Why did the school come up with such a policy? What does this teach kids for later in life? Does it teach that you can do nothing and still get half of what you want? We have no self-responsibility anymore. We made our own mess.

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