Keep your eye on the truth about Social Security. ExpandSocialSecurity Caucus is taking you for a fool

Here is the latest from our reprehensible politicians. Where have the members of the ExpandSocialSecurity Caucus been during the last two decades while the Trustees have been urging action to keep Social Security fully solvent for at least the 75–year actuarial period?

This is an excellent example of political pandering, not for the benefit of Americans, but for political gain. It is also an example of playing the American people for fools. Talking about expanding benefits for Social Security now is like increasing the benefits of a pension plan that is severely underfunded. Instead of making the hard decisions to make the program sustainable, decisions that should have been made years ago, the fix is now presented as added benefits.

Look at the screen shots below from the 2000 Social Security Trustees Report. These recommendations and those contained in each subsequent annual report have been ignored by Congress since then. Ignored by some of the people now part of this new caucus.

Keep in mind, fixing and expanding Social Security is going to cost money and the more you expand the more it costs. The longer we wait to make it solvent, the more it costs.

Arm yourself with the facts. Click here and read the Trustee Reports for yourself.


  1. When LBJ moved OUR dedicated fund into HIS general budget, that was the beginning of our problems. Congress saw a pot of GOLD and began using it as general funds. They used it to set up and FIND the entire Peace Corp. That’s on record. They have used it EVERY year since except 2016 when a bi partisan group in the HOUSE voted it down. and the majority of the time Congress has been Democratic. Now if they paid us back with interest, we’d be okay. So now they must take off the yearly limit on the FICA tax and raise the tax a bit to refund the program they STOLE FROM. Many in America KNOW this. As I said before I KNOW a few House members personally. I got this right from them, both parties. They have been against it every time but outnumbered. I think at this point the American Public must have an uproar about it.
    Shame them mercifully about this. They STOLE our money. It wasn’t theirs to spend. Now they want to screw us because of their fraud.


    1. You really should not say these things. They are not true. The Trust has been funded the same way since the beginning. Nobody stole the Trust money. It is invested and paying over $80 billion a year to the trust. Without that interest full benefits could not be paid today. In fact, some of the Trust assets are also being used to pay benefits. The problem SS faces is demographic. There simply is not enough revenue coming in to pay the promised benefits. Look at the SS section of this blog and you will see the full story. I have talked about it a dozen times or more.


  2. It is not easy to admit, but unlike many readers of this blog and of course the author of it, most Americans no little about social security or medicare. Their ignorance does not stop there of course. Most politicians really don’t t mind this situation. An ignorant electorate can be easily persuaded. The political class in Washington DC, as well as in most state capitals, does very well financially while in office, and usually even better after leaving office as plugged in lobbyists, attorneys or bag men for foreign governments.

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  3. Howdy!    Thanks for the info/commentaries…Any chance you can share or route us to what                the Caucus is recommending/planning?                 Thanks,


    1. I don’t think they know, but scan the Social Security section of this blog and you will find Social Security 2100. That will give you an idea I think.


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