Tortoises Needed – HumbleDollar

Looking for a good bet? It’s not the lottery, but long term saving and investing.

 I HAVE A FRIVOLOUS routine. I buy $40 in lottery tickets on the first day of each month. Many years ago, this was part of my retirement plan—the years when I was young and foolish, or maybe just foolish.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve had a premonition of receiving $14 million, either from a long-lost relative or from the lottery. Time is running out, however. That relative appears to have forgotten about me. Meanwhile, I’ve given up on the big lottery prize and would happily settle for a modest $5 million.

Source: Tortoises Needed – HumbleDollar

One comment

  1. As a society we are addicted to instant gratification as evidenced by hope of beating all odds lottery wins and the amount of consumer debt we acquire.


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