The Social Security COLA 2019 update

The next piece of the puzzle determining the 2019 COLA will be available in the morning of September 13


  1. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, has anyone noticed the price of gas going down! This always seems to happen when they are calculating our COLA’s!


    1. The COLA is based on the CPI for July, August and September. July and August are typically the highest gas price months of the year because of summer driving.


      1. I read an article about gas prices last week that said because of high worldwide demand for oil, refineries going off line for maintenance, IRAN problems, gasoline will not see the usual drop in price after the summer vacation season. I for one am glad to see gas prices going up through Sept. Since I spend less than 4% of my monthly income on gas I see it as a plus. It will keep the 2019 COLA up above 3%, It will pay for my gasoline for all of 2019. With all the free shipping form on line retailers I have been ordering more for home delivery. My gasoline bill for this month may drop below 3% of income, $88.


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