What does fair share mean?

Increasing rather than cutting immigration is one of the best ways (along with requiring wealthy to contribute their fair share) to protect and expand Social Security.

From SocialSecurityWorks Tweet. SSW presents itself as a proponent for Social Security, but in reality is a far left political organization.

I don’t know about you, but this fair share being paid by some never defined class of Americans drives me nuts. For what they are referring to here it means any worker earning more than $128,400 a year (the Social Security taxable wage limit).

The fact is higher paid workers already pay their fair share, actually more. No worker’s Social Security benefit is based on income above the taxable amount. In addition, when benefits are calculated the formula (called bend points) gives a higher proportional benefit to lower income workers.

It’s true that if the taxable wage cap were eliminated the fiscal state of the SS Trust would improve, (but not be made solvent), because of the inequality in the benefit calculation.

There is much in Social Security that could be determined unfair. A couple with one wage earner gets a 50% higher family benefit than a single worker who paid exactly the same in amount in taxes. One worker could have several ex spouses all collecting full benefits on one workers earnings and taxes.

And then there is the fairness of income. A couple each earning $100,000 is not wealthy, but a family with one wage earning making $130,000 is wealthy?

Throwing around the words “fair share” is simply a cliché designed to divide Americans and push a political agenda. Typically we think of billionaires when we hear wealthy, but in reality they are referring mostly to upper middle class Americans who earn every penny of their income and indeed pay their fair share and more.

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  1. The term “fair share” meaning has been so convoluted and misused, that for me any discussion using the term is automatically rejected by me. The term no longer means equitable. It means inequitable or unfair. The term automatically means to tax someone who makes more than you and give them less in return. The term now is used to villainize anybody that is deemed more successful than themselves.

    People who misuse this term are popularists who keep moving the scale of fairness to meet their needs. These people do not believe in flat or linear scales of fairness but scales of fairness that are exponential scales and often they use two scales, one the takes from the Haves or the rich and a inverse scale to give to the Have-Nots or the poor. If you lay these two scales on the same graph it would look like a “U” and the median group of people still do not get anything so who do these proposals help?

    Not everybody who is a Have-Not is poor and not everybody deemed to Have is rich but it does not matter to these popularists, socialist, and democrats. They just want class warfare to keep the masses divided and angered.


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