There’s compensation and their compensation.

While I am well aware of the differences in this comparison in terms of dollars involved, I find it a bit ironic that politicians such a Bernie Sanders rant about CEO pay which is not actually pay but total compensation including such things as stock options that may never have value, stock awards that may decline in value and the future value of pensions which could last twenty years or twenty days,

while at the same time ignoring the real and generous value of federal employee total compensation which substantially exceeds that of private sector workers, but instead focuses on cash wages alone since there will be no raise next year.

The logical answer is no raise is justified or transfer some non-cash compensation to cash salary.

But who ever expects logic in politics?

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  1. To support your statement, the Congressional Budget Office report Comparing the Compensation of Federal and Private-Sector Employees, 2011 to 2015 (April 25, 2017), “Among workers with a high school diploma or less education, total compensation costs averaged 53 percent more for federal employees than for their private-sector counterparts.”

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