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Whether it’s health care, local taxes or Social Security, in a very teal way we are all in this together. Nobody is an island and social policy cannot be set that way.

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I’M IN THE PROCESS of moving into a 55-plus condo community—in my case, way plus. The property taxes on my new condo will be $12,200 a year, the bulk of which goes toward the local school system. But here’s the thing: No one in the community has children in school and hasn’t for decades. That got me to thinking. Why can’t we just buy the services we need from the town? Years ago, I felt quite differently. When my children were growing up, I used to think the seniors in town had some nerve voting against the school budget. Today, I better understand that, for some of those seniors, higher taxes meant less for other necessary spending. It’s a thorny issue. If you’re part of a community—large or small—there needs to be a fair formula for sharing common expenses, even expenses that may never directly benefit you.

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  1. 12,000$???? wow. on a Condo???? Down S. Jersey, they never charged the senior complexes the taxes. That’s why they said NO KIDS allowed to stay there. I had a friend living in one of these.
    I will have to ask the ones I know living in them now down there if they pay taxes.
    Senior Freeze. in the book it states anyone making under 85,000 is eligible but then a bit later; you get a letter from the state saying sorry you don’t. This IS EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
    I do feel that every single senior should be able to FREEZE their taxes at 65 or at least by 70.
    Freezing it, you are still paying something into the system. But they won’t rise. That’s fair.
    most folks don’t have kids at 65 or 70 unless you have to take over for absent parents.
    this is fair. Some don’t have pensions any more. They had planned on them but they were taken away after they retired. SS is not enough to retire on. Hopefully, many had 401s or IRAs to help bridge the gap. But many are just making it, working, paying bills, buying meds. They may even have more than one job but no benefits. They can’t save.


  2. Here in TX seniors receive a break on school and property taxes when a person is over 65 Not only is there an exemption, there is also an ability to pay every other month Jan, March ,May and July breaking the taxes down to a more affordable payment . In comparison to people who are under 65, pay the assessed value and regular and considerably higher taxes. with no exemptions unless you are disabled and there are no payment plans available, taxes are due at the end of January each month or pay penalties.for every month delayed. I did not realize that other States don’t have this amenity. So, seniors in TX, at least in the Houston area and I believe it is statewide do get a break on taxes. . Wish they would offer same for HOA’s in the community, it is hard coming up with the 2 assessments from HOA every year in June and December!! One for living here and one for our Trails which of course most of us seniors can’t use since we can’t walk that far!!!


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