We need Democratic Socialism 🤢

Pardon my rant.

For ten years or more Americans have been re-educated to believe our system is rigged, inequality somehow prevents opportunities, government doesn’t work for average Americans, others do not pay their fair share, big business is bad and greedy CEOs are worse. Americans are not receiving what they are entitled to.

The super wealthy are presented as greedy takers, gaining their wealth on the backs of the masses and not sharing any of it. What most contributed to society, what industries and jobs many created is ignored as if the positive changes to our lives that resulted don’t matter. Their philanthropy is irrelevant.

Politicians, when it’s convenient, criticize the influence exercised by certain industries and individuals claiming they get government to act in their favor. If that’s true, and it likely is, why are we not criticizing the actions of those who are influenced; those who make our laws and regulations; the people who take the money, the promise of a future job or board membership? We are governed by the largest collection of hypocrites known to man.

We are told Americans are struggling, they don’t have livable wages, they are living paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford health care co-pays. While this is true for some Americans as always has been the case, spending habits for the great majority of Americans tell a different story.

Politicians and others propagandize about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs claiming there is a movement to gut them or take them away and ignoring, misleading or outright lying about the fiscal state of the programs. As a result, few Americans know the truth.

Americans have been convinced they are victims. Poor judgement, poor decisions, irresponsible personal actions are someone else’s fault, never the individual citizen.

We are promised more of everything, higher minimum wages, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed incomes, free college, free health care, free day care; all paid for by the never defined “wealthy” among us.

The underlying causes of our problems are unexplored (why does college costs so much, are we getting value?) and the consequences of proposed changes are ignored (how does a higher minimum wage solve anything if people are in the same low value job?).

While all the promises are made, our national debt grows and grows and no one cares. Warnings from the likes of the CBO are ignored. Reports from the Social Security and Medicare Trustees are ignored. A political party only criticizes debt and deficits when it is out of office.

And now we are told the solution to all this; we need more, not less government. We must turn over more of what is important in our lives to the very people who can’t solve and indeed created the problems we have today, who made promises and failed to fund them, failed to tell the truth about what they cost and will cost. The people who cannot do their jobs with honesty and integrity, who allow themselves to be influenced in return for power, their own wealth or re-election.

The people who want more of government are also people who cannot work with colleagues on things like the budget, and immigration because all politicians put party and politics above all else.

Yup, what we need is Democratic Socialism, that will take care of everything.


  1. i would only like to add that it is capitalism which makes possible the amazing depth and breadth of all the goods and services available to us, making our chosen lifestyles possible.


  2. At some point, the interest on the national debt will severely reduce all grand spending plans, all grand tax breaks, and likely usher in a recession or depression which will be at least as bad as 2008, if not 1929. The laws of economics are not as obvious or straight forward as the laws of nature, but as inevitable.


  3. You hit it right on the head with your comments and you are right – no one listens in government. Having to live paycheck to paycheck, promises never kept that were campaign issues that never come about, seniors hurting trying to make ends meet and still live in the community (thinking of a retirement place – have you priced them lately?) , interest rates on credit cards above 20% so when a person pays some of their debt on their cards they may see $20 off the balances with such high interest rates( Based on the Prime rate) making it impossible to pay off their debt with their income. Insurance rates going up – a company offers a discount after being a loyal customer for many years and then the next renewal comes along and they raise the costs of the policy so no discount is ever seen. College tuition is out of sight and either the parents have to go into deep debt if they make too much for the student to qualify for a Student Loan or the son/daughter has to start his/her life in debt after graduation making it impossible to start life after working hard to get their degree in debt from student loans, Social Security recipients have to hope the index is high enough in the 3rd quarter to get a decent COLA in January Just a few of many stressful issues that the average American people are facing with no where to turn. It is shameful that our politicians aren’t listening to our needs and take action.Where do the American people turn when no one listens to the people’s pleas for help. So many promises and nothing is done to help the American people put a smile on their face instead of worry lines, that is of course ,unless you are among the rich, however the average American people are struggling. I have no idea what plan could be put in place to help, do you? How do we get the Government to LISTEN to the needs of the average American citizen who are struggling trying to make ends meet! Too bad the government can’t ask the American people to take a survey to inquire as to where the needs are , if they would listen!! Do you think government would listen?


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