Did you know that if your earn less than other people your retirement income will also be less than other people? Amazing‼️

From the Urban Institute “People who experience high wage inequality during their working years are likely to experience high retirement income inequality, because Social Security benefits are tied to lifetime earnings, and people’s ability to save for retirement depends on how much they earn.”


I’m not sure how earning less than others got to be inequality unless your standard is everyone should earn the same income. Nevertheless, chances are if you are lower income while working, you will also be lower income in retirement which is why Social Security is designed to replace a greater percentage of pre-income for lower income retirees.

PS. peoples ability to save for retirement also depends on how much they spend


  1. I think a lot of the talk about inequality came from the REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH purported by the Obama realm. I didn’t hear about it from the older folks only the younger ones. That was the underlying idea; equal pay no matter what if any work was done. That is not America.
    That is Communism. everyone gets the same EXCEPT the Big guys. In this country, you work hard, you can climb the ladder in a company if you want to. The more you make, you do put away in the FICA Tax that is SS and Medicare. you are taxed on a % until you reach the yearly limit which most of us don’t. Not everyone has put away the same amount. I think they still base it on the highest 5 years of the last 10 you worked. It was when I retired. I KNOW everyone doesn’t collect the same amount. I know what I get, what my Mom gets and What a friend gets. That is three different amounts right there. Inequality??? No. We all made different pays and had different jobs. Do you think it would be fair to take away some of mine and raise theirs; I don’t feel that would be right. I worked the longest. I rose to a good position with a lot of Responsibilities in the job. The one retired on disability after a few years. She collected SSI. I didn’t.

    This REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH I think has started up much of what’s going on today.

    People FEEL they are OWED more without working for it. They should get free everything.


  2. I guess it’s also unfair that my 401k and IRA balances are higher too. I’m concerned that they are going to go after the high balances at some point. I switched to a Roth 401k option within the last year so that I had a portion of my retirement that was tax-free instead of tax-deferred due to my concerns.


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