“Medicare-for-all” Means Something. Don’t Let Moderates Water It Down. What it means is a carrot on the end of a stick leading us toward an unfulfilled promise

I found this on a Socialist website called Common Dreams. Dreaming is surely an apt moniker. Here are a few excerpts from their website related to Medicare-for-all.

Coverage should be comprehensive

The program will provide comprehensive coverage that exceeds the services currently covered by Medicare. Dental, vision, and mental care will be covered, as will inpatient care, outpatient care, primary care, preventative care, palliative care, ambulatory care, emergency care, maternal care, and newborn care.

It will eliminate the need for supplemental insurance, expanding the benefits of expensive “Medigap” plans to everyone. Sanders’s bill will also cover contraceptives and abortion, as well as repeal the Hyde Amendment, which largely bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortion; that would make it one of the strongest reproductive rights bills in US history.

Health care should be free at the point of use. [My comment: I wonder what will happen to utilization when all medical, dental, vision and other care is free when used and I wonder what the government will do manage costs in the years following implementation? You should wonder too.]

Everything covered under Medicare-for-all will be provided without cost, meaning no fees, no copays, and no deductibles. Medicare-for-all isn’t “affordable access” or the opportunity to pay for care; it’s care without any financial hurdles at the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.

The program will be funded by progressive taxation — in other words, by primarily taxing corporations and the rich. [My comment: There’s that vague “rich” word again]. American residents and employers would pay a tax that would effectively replace their current health care expenses; it would be modest for most and rise according to ability to pay.

Sanders projects that his bill will mean substantial savings for 95 percent of Americans. The average working-class family currently pays nearly $6,300 a year in premiums — not to mention unpredictable out-of-pocket spending. Under Medicare-for-all, such a family would pay less than $500 in taxes, saving well more than $5,000 per year. [FYI Medicare as is today spends on average over $12,000 a year on each beneficiary]

Health insurance CEOs currently make an average of over $20 million per year by profiting off the sick; Medicare-for-all will redirect the money that currently goes to them toward its intended purpose: providing health care. [My comment: To illustrate the naive thinking of these advocates consider that as it is today Medicare spends over $1.8 billion dollars a day, that each day of the year. What CEOs make and in fact the total profit of health insurance companies is insignificant when it comes to the cost of health insurance.]

Source: Common Dreams: “Medicare-for-all” Means Something. Don’t Let Moderates Water It Down.

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  1. After reading this list, will drug stores go out of business? I mean why buy an over the counter drug for your runny nose when a free prescription will work. Need a band-aid, go to CVS and you just take one? Drink too much and an aspirin just go down to Walgreen’s and get a free bottle? Need to go to a doctor appointment, call an ambulance taxi. Want to go food shopping but you have trouble walking, free ambulatory care. Once all reproductive costs are removed does society have to pay for all costs related to raising kids through college? Is this how they want it to be?


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