Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security mostly hype 😡🤬 get the facts before you swallow the political line

Is some spending being cut on these programs? Yes, over a ten year period.

Is money from the cuts being redirected elsewhere such as block grants to states for Medicaid? Yes‼️

Will cuts to Medicare directly adversely impact beneficiaries? No‼️

Will any Social Security recipients have their benefits cut? No‼️

Political rhetoric and propaganda claiming two trillion dollars in cuts is untrue. You are being mislead and used for political gain.

In addition, Twitter is heating up with the claim that allowing Medicare to negotiate will lower drug prices. That too is misleading. Drug prices are already negotiated. Any negotiating by Medicare will have a negligible impact on prices and to accomplish even that will require a narrow formulary. That means fewer drugs covered by Medicare Part D.

To negotiate you must have some leverage and in the case of prescription drugs that leverage is giving a drug company (not all competitors) a larger market share for their products.

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