Let Medicare negotiate drug prices… Sen Warren.

Sen Elizabeth Warren is on Twitter calling for lower drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate prices.

Apparently she doesn’t know that the Part D plans already negotiate prices and do so by leveraging formularies.

I guess she also doesn’t know the CBO has said that giving the Secretary authority to negotiate lower prices for a broad set of drugs on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries would have “a negligible effect on federal spending.”

She probably doesn’t know the VA spends less by having a very limited formulary because veterans have no other choice.

Maybe she does know all this and just likes to read her own Tweets. More likely she just wants more PR and isn’t that concerned with the facts.


  1. Here we go again, you want a government run healthcare system? The same government that pays $150,000,000 each for the new F-35 Aircraft and you think healthcare will be cheaper or free? A friend of mine on Medicaid found out how great her healthcare benefit is when they will not pay for her ulcer medication not even the generic, not on their list of approved medications. Have you been to the DMV, Post Office or City Hall, to pay your property tax. Are you sure you want the government to run healthcare? They have done such a great job with everything they currently do for us, only a fool would want them to run healthcare. Lots of fools in 2018, USA.


  2. I have talked to a number of people who depend on the VA for health care. A very mixed bag. You are right about their restricted drug formulary


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