About those Cuts to Medicare and Social Security🧐

During the Obamacare debate Republicans were fast and lose with misleading information designed to scare Americans and derail the ACA. Remember death panels?

Today Democrats are doing the same thing regarding Medicare and Social Security. They are misleading and scaring seniors in an effort to discredit their political opponents.

The fact is cuts to Social Security and Medicare contained in the Republican budget are minor and affect relatively few beneficiaries directly. The Social Security “cuts” affect individuals double dipping by collecting unemployment and disability Social Security.

There is a 7.1 percent cut to Medicare by 2028, via reforms meant to cut payments to providers and reduce wasteful treatment without limiting access to health care. That’s less than one percent a year while overall costs continue to expand. Interestingly, similar cost cutting measures were included in Obamacare.

The truth is that both Medicare and Social Security costs are escalating. Both trust funds are being depleted, both trust funds will redeem Treasury bonds to sustain payments and buying those bonds back will require additional deficit spending or higher taxes.

Shall we simply write a blank check for this spending? Should we be unconcerned about the growing deficit? The recent tax cuts may well prove to add to the federal debt over time and that’s not good, but those tax cuts have nothing to do with the state of Medicare or Social Security as Americans are being lead to believe. Action was required on both those programs long before the present administration took over.

Does anyone seriously think that a National Medicare-for-All program as promoted by the political left would not employ similar cost control strategies and a lot more …. just as every similar system in the world must do?

Then you have the fair share scenario as if raising taxes on the never defined “wealthy” is the answer to every spending problem. Guess what, it doesn’t work that way …. anywhere in the world. And even if it did, are there no limits on spending?

If Americans want no cuts or controls to any existing programs and at the same time want additional spending and new “free” programs, taxes must increase on all Americans, including those not paying income taxes … and they must increase substantially. And that’s the truth, like it or not

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  1. What a crazy time and country we live in today! U.S. box office posts record $3.3 billion in Q2 2018. But I want my free healthcare??? I wonder how much the “poor” citizens of the good old USA will spend on Vacations this year? Oh, I just love the internet – The eighth annual survey projects the total amount spent on vacations this summer will be $101.1 billion, up from $89.9 billion last year. Allianz also reported that, on average, Americans will spend $1,978 on summer vacations this year – a 10 percent increase from last year’s $1798 average. But do not charge me a copay for any of my healthcare????
    Too many people living today are very confused about needs and wants. You need basic insurance coverage of all types, food, shelter, a few clothes and maybe a cheap car. Everything else is a want. It is not and should never be government’s role to provide wants to anyone including corporations and special interest groups. That is what has screwed this once great country up and I am not sure it can be fixed.


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