10,000 Americans each day‼️😳

That’s the number of Americans turning age 65 every day and it’s also the number of Americans (more or less) beginning to collect Social Security benefits. That number is growing while the number of workers paying Social Security taxes is not growing as fast.

While Democrats and Republicans and various advocacy groups fight over Social Security and in the process scare and mislead Americans, the fault for allowing the program to reach its current state rests solely and 100% with Congress and various Administrations over more than two decades.

The funding for the promised benefits and changing demographics is not adequate plain and simple. And has not been for many years.

Rather than gradually and consistently adjusting the taxes supporting the program politicians wait until we are near a crisis and then call for only some Americans to pay their “fair share.”

And some politicians have the audacity to claim the program carries a surplus of funds that can be used to add more benefits.

There is absolutely no excuse.

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