Decision time in America-Democratic Socialism

There is a small but growing socialist movement in America. These people seek their version of social justice and in the process see government and more wealth transfer as the answer. Their views on solving problems generally include short-sighted and rather naive measures and their methods leave something to be desired when it comes to full understanding and disclosure of the facts and consequences of their ideas.

But make no mistake, their message can be appealing, their solutions simplistic relying on creating envy and a sense victimization while minimizing individual responsibility.


  1. I get the impression that citizens under 45 or so do not know much history. It was not emphasized during their years in public schools, the 1970’s and forward to the present day. And the history books, and those who taught from them, took a distinctly leftward turn during that period.t

    The double whammy of ignorance and misinformation has taken its toll. The socialist experiments in China, Russia, Cuba, Viet Nam, Cambodia, etc. which resulted in poverty, famine, death and oppression are apparently not much on the minds of Bernie fans.


    1. I also believe that schools are failing to teach world history. Capitalism has always rewarded those who innovate, take risks, and work hard. But the more I think about we now have at least two generations that grew up getting participation trophies so we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings, it is no wonder that socialism sounds so appealing. These people grew up believing everybody was a winner even if they sat on the sidelines.

      In theory, that everyone gets rewarded equally, has never happened anywhere in the world because of power grabs to economic failures. Wait until reality sets in when the government takes 60% of their earnings to give to somebody who only does 10% of the work. I hope I will not be alive when the fallout from that happens.


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