Pre-existing conditions are #1 issue for voters

Voters and most Americans want individuals with pre-existing conditions to receive health insurance like anyone else.

Supporting the ability for someone with a pre-existing condition to obtain health insurance sounds compassionate. It should also sound like a way to allow some people to game the system while increasing premium costs for others in the insured group.

Even Medicare does not allow late enrollment without a permanent financial penalty on premiums.

Let’s make one thing clear though, pre-existing condition exclusions do not and never have applied to newborn babies (as long as parent has coverage).

Shouldn’t we also be asking why individuals have a medical condition, but no insurance? For years loss of coverage has been a condition allowing immediate enrollment in an Obamacare plan. For years Americans have had an opportunity to enroll in coverage, no questions asked.

There was a time a few years ago when it was compassionate and appropriate to ignore pre-existing conditions in obtaining health insurance without penalty. That time had passed. Having a pre-existing condition today and no health insurance typically means that individual has been avoiding responsibility. They don’t want to spend money on premiums. As some politicians would say, not paying their fair share. Others who have insurance, but few or no medical expenses are responsible and paying more than their fair share. At this point nearly five years after Obamacare’s first open enrollment there needs to be consequences borne by individuals who have ignored the law and their responsibility to others. It’s not insurance companies who carry the burden it’s the group of insured.


  1. If a person wants to self-insure, who am I to tell them no.

    A person who waives all health insurance made available through an employer, the public exchange or Medicaid still has coverage, she has elected to be self-insured for the annual period.. That is her election, allow her to continue. She should not receive another opportunity to sign up for health insurance (nor should you or I, with respect to taxpayer funded coverage options) except as provided under current rules/laws – an annual change from self-insured to insured, or a mid-year change with a qualifying status change. She does have the option to enroll at those times, even with pre-ex conditions. And, of course, nothing stops her from buying an individual policy on the same basis as anyone else. .


    1. Except who picks up the cost of health care for those who choose not to have coverage? If they can truly self-insure for all expenses that’s fine, but few can do that.


      1. Well there you go. People self insure because they know someone else will wanna bail them out with your money.

        It is why God created bankruptcy … and, no, not the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Schumer/Warren lie that 50+% of all personal bankruptcies are “so called” medical bankruptcies.
        Providers will simply have to ask for payment in advance.


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