A house divided against itself, cannot stand.


  1. Amen, Mr. Quinn! And, we owe it all to the man that Rex Tillerson so correctly described and the ignorant base that elected him..


    1. But you see, that point of view is part of the problem. That “ignorant base” is 63 million of your fellow Americans who were driven to vote for him by something that was dividing us before Trump came along and that’s what we need to understand.


      1. I understand that the “ignorant base” was driven to vote for an adulterer, a sexual predator and a pathological liar largely by organizations such as Fox “News?” and the media controlled by the racist, Steve Bannon. “Make America great again” = “make America white again”.


    2. As an independent voter, I must admit that I am part of the the ignorant base. I hated the last two decades of giving up my rights and freedoms. I hated Obama’s world apology tour. I am tired of increasing and over regulation affecting businesses and personal lives, and I hate being the world’s policemen. But what has scared me the most is the socialist attitudes being taught in our schools and colleges and the socialist policies that are being pushed by the democrats and by Hollywood. If you speak with a non-Hollywood approved opinion you are branded as a terrorist by them. And everyday I surrender more of the freedoms that I swore to protect so many years ago.

      I believe in free and critical thinking. I believe in taking personal responsibility. I believe in equal opportunity not equality at the expense of others’ hard work. I believe that America should still be a melting pot with the only nationality being listed on the census form is American. But instead we are fast becoming a society of ethnic divisions that we now call diversity where having common values and goals is called being a racist. I believe in compromise but nobody listens to opposing points of view anymore.

      Trump has definitely shook up Washington and the world. I just do not know if we will survive him but I look at New Jersey and California for a clue. It is only a matter of time before those states fail under their own weight of government. Washington is leading the way to self destruction. The insanity of Washington is keep doing the same thing. You have to admit, at least the executive branch is no longer doing the same things (for good or for bad). Congress on the other hand is still gridlocked and doing the same thing kicking the cans down the road.

      My fear is that neither the democrats or the republicans will find a quality candidate to run in 2020 and we will get another four years of Trump. You would think that he would be an uniting force against him. But you look at the immigration issues right now and Congress is not uniting to stop him. He is just enforcing the laws that Congress wrote years before he took office but Congress continues not to fix them.


      1. The evidence is there and quite obvious – how can an intelligent person such as yourself not see it?


      2. I guess I’m an optimist in not accepting that half of American voters are just bigots and racists. I’m more willing to accept the majority we’re just frustrated along the lines of what Dwayne commented.


      3. Dwayne, Just remember what Mark Twain said – “If voting made any real difference, they would not let us do it.”

        I have been voting for Dummycrats and Ripoffagains for over 44 years and have seen no improvement in my life because of anything the government has done. Any gains in my standard of living have been achieved by my actions not governments.

        We are no longer a nation of, by and for the people. We have become a nation of by and for the corporations and special interest groups. I do not belong to either one.


      4. Thank you Dwayne. You evaluate the situation very well. What I feel is not being said is the ‘silent majority’ effect. Those who want change elected President Trump. He does not sound or many times act ‘presidential’ but he does what 63 million Americans want ….. enforce the law and constitution. The true American’s are tired of the double standard in Washington DC among other things. The liberals have spent the last 1-1/2 years shouting, condemning and bullying The President of The United States! Those who voted for The President are also shunned and bullied into silence. Our voices will be heard at the polls. At least there, we can speak and not be condemned.


  2. I agree America is broken, but we cannot expect State and Federal Governments to fix it, they are the ones who broke it, LOL!


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