Medicare is more efficient than private insurance? That’s a real joke. Medicare is a gold mine for fraud … and you pay for it. Here is just one example.

You probably have seen the adds on television, knee, back pain? We’ve got you covered with a brace and it won’t coast you a penny and you don’t have to deal with Medicare.

Nancy DeLozier looked at the array of medical equipment on the floor of her living room and called it junk.

The 84-year-old Northwest Side woman said she received the items in the mail but neither wants nor needs them.

One shipment, from February 2017, included a back brace and knee braces. A second shipment, which arrived this May, held ankle and wrist braces and another designed to support the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. They were ordered by out-of-state doctors whom DeLozier had not heard of, communicated with or met.

Medicare, the taxpayer-funded federal health care program for seniors, paid more than $3,800 for the items, which would have sat unused in a shipping box if they hadn’t been discovered by her daughter Cathy Bell.

Anne Fredrickson, who advocates for Medicare recipients in Ohio, said telemarketers call seniors asking about their pain. And if they get an affirmative response, the devices are sent and billed to Medicare. Source: The Columbus Dispatch 6/19/18

Just imagine the opportunites for scammers with Medicare-for-all. To make matters worse patients are often involved in or complacent with the fraud as some merrily think they are getting something for nothing… after all, they are entitled are they not?

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  1. This isn’t JUST Medicare it is our entire Health care system. Telemarketers and Robo calls should be outlawed. Why aren’t they going after them???? There seems no way to block those calls either. The phone company doesn’t help. I’ve tried. Cannot succeed is the voice recording.
    Fraud calls too. They prey on Seniors, children and the homebound folks.
    I thought the government said they were going after Medicare fraud; what happened; I guess they forgot. Now there are cases of folks being stalked by lawyers to take cases. Purposely had the accidents. 60 Minutes has shown several cases of adults NOT on Medicare; claiming they can’t work and they are painting a house, on vacation water skiing, etc. I broke a bone, my insurance company sent me a letter with a page of questions to be sure what was going on. Why me.??
    Why not all these other crooks?? Yes there is fraud in Medicine. all ages. even cases where a mother starts a go fund me page for her daughter who has cancer; but she really didn’t. She was perfectly healthy. who knows; they may get a kickback from the crooks so nothing is done.


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