An important letter from Social Security to you 😢

If you are receiving Social Security this is the kind of letter you will receive unless your elected representatives stop playing games and deal with the problem … and that IS the truth. There is no surplus, there is no money to increase benefits and higher COLAs will make this worse.

Am I trying to scare you? Darn right I am, scare you into demanding that Congress listen to the SS Trustees and take fair and balanced steps to fix the problem.


  1. It is articles and headlines line like the one that was in USA Today online yesterday by Sean Williams from The Motley Fool (6-20-18) headline is “Funding source: Here’s how Social Security generated $1 trillion in income last year” and subheadline of “One key funding source ensures that Social Security can never go bankrupt.”

    He continues to write: “In fact, short of Congress changing how the program is funded, Social Security can never go bankrupt. That’s a pretty comforting feeling if you’re a current retiree or a working-age American looking to retire in the years or decades ahead.”

    This is so misleading. He is implying that you can count on getting all the money that has been promised in your pre-retirement statements and everything is going to be ok. He writes like Congress can only screw it up if they change the way they fund Social Security.

    The author does state all the same things that you and the trustees have stated for decades but he sugar coats it as not being too bad. His very last line is “The bottom line: Social Security is here to stay, even if its current payout schedule isn’t sustainable.”

    This article is a disservice to many Americans if they even bother to read financial news. They read that everything is going to be alright and will ignore the very last line in the article; “even if its current payout schedule isn’t sustainable.”

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  2. If Congress does nothing, and the cuts come, it will be taking back 70% or more of the COLA increases from 2019 to 2034. I wish they would of just fixed SS and not given us the tax cuts for the next 8 years. Every time I email my reps in D.C., they agree something should be done to fix SS and then they do nothing. Time to vote them out. STUPID CONGRESS!!!!!!


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