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Americans don’t read, Americans have a poor understanding of how our government works and how it was formed.

The general lack of knowledge about our government, our history (and world history) and why and how our Country was formed and shaped is the greatest threat we face.

Lack of knowledge makes us more susceptible to propaganda, and those who would take away our way of life and our freedoms often in the guise of something better

Too many Americans live in their own little world devoid of facts.

These were not isolated findings,” said the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, or ACTA, which conducted the survey.

“A 2012 ACTA survey found that less than 20 [percent] of American college graduates could accurately identify the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation, less than half could identify George Washington as the American general at Yorktown ((Virginia)), and only 42 [percent] knew that the Battle of the Bulge occurred during World War II.”

“ACTA found in another recent survey that of over 1,100 liberal arts colleges and universities, only 18 percent require a course in American history or government.

“When surveys repeatedly show that college graduates do not understand the fundamental processes of our government and the historical forces that shaped it, the problem is much greater than a simple lack of factual knowledge,” said ACTA. “It is a dangerous sign of civic disempowerment.”


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  1. Not surprising that since before No Child Left Behind, schools have been dumbing down to the lowest common denominator in order to pass the children. Smart phones have made us smart only by 280 characters per tweet but, we never verify, just re-tweet. If it’s on the Internet it must be true. 293/280

    Darn, too long. Let me try again.

    Since No Child Left Behind, schools have pass children. Smart phones have made us smart. If it’s on the Internet it must be true. 160/280

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