Americans need to up their knowledge game when it comes to these issues.

Politicians play politics to enhance their standing, garner votes and improve the image of their party. Not very often is your welfare and what is best for all Americans their top priority. The press will favor one point of view over another and thus slant its reporting.

That means you are on your own to learn all the facts and consequences of what is being discussed or proposed.

Here is my list of the top issues where Americans are being mislead, where facts are distorted and where consequences are ignored. This is also a list of issues where in my view Americans need to look beyond their political ideology and learn as much as they can. In other words, we need to look beyond the world of Twitter and Facebook memes.

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare
  3. College costs and loans
  4. Single-payer health care system
  5. Minimum wage
  6. Immigrants and immigration
  7. CEO compensation
  8. Inequality
  9. Pay gap between men and women
  10. Trade and the global economy

If we don’t get these issues right, if we make changes without understanding the basic problem or ignoring the consequences of our actions, or if the American people are not told the full truth, any “solution” will only create more problems.


  1. While on vacation in Utah, I came across an article written by the state’s my529 college savings plan. The article’s point was that you can earn five unconventional majors. These majors are on the Beatles, surfing, masters in museum studies, paper engineering, masters in puppetry, and bagpipes. Yes, I know that they listed six. I guess basic math is not a favored course of study. I see all of these as a great waste of money but since my529 is not a loan program, I guess people can waste their money and time in doing whatever they want.

    This makes me want to add another to the list; job skills required for available jobs. It could help one’s understanding with college, minimum wage, and the global economy.

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  2. Q, (the use of the initial only makes me feel James Bondish) your list is excellent. It is sadly ironic that in the information age in which we now live, there exists so much wide-spread ignorance about subjects which are so important to people.

    I believe I read recently that around 80 to 85 per cent of Americans have access to the internet. Yet even the most basic facts about subjects you list are unknown by many, perhaps most, of the citizenry.


  3. Mr. Quinn… I agree 100% with your list of subjects which should be understood by Americans, at least those who bother to vote. Most importantly and difficult is to leave your biases and preconceived notions behind when making assessments and to view both sides of the equation. As an example would be minimum wage. You have to view the issue from the perspective of both the employee and the employer. A case can be made by employees for an hourly wage that allows people to have a reasonable quality of life but the story doesn’t end there. If an employee doesn’t bring enough value to an enterprise to allow for a reasonable profit for the business owner to compensate him for the risk he is taking then that job will be eliminated or replaced by technological advancements. In the past you have written about the consequences of raising the minimum wage and you are correct. It’s just so hard to get people to see both sides of an argument instead on focusing only on their own narrow perspective.

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  4. Dick, you do an excellent blog and I look for it daily. Your insight is tack sharp. Appreciate the effort you put in. Is there any chance that for the areas we all need to actually know the facts you could provide 1-2 links to real data/information? Thanks, Bob – retired NJ utility guy NJ – now in FL.


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