Destroying America

There is an interesting article in the May 28, 2018 issue of Time, My Generation Was Supposed to Level America’s Playing Field. Instead , We Rigged It For Ourselves. By Steven Brill.

Take the time to read the article if you can.

It goes into a litany of America’s woes (a 50-year tailspin he calls it) noting the failing infrastructure, inequality, the wicked CEOs, corporations, lobbyists, elites and a meritocracy’s ascent in general.

Nowhere in the article does he talk about the American people, their changed priorities, changed values, the decline of the family structure, the rise of materialism, me and I want it now. He does not mention American’s spending priorities, but only their incomes. He does not cover a global economy and inevitable leveling of standards of living, sometimes at the expense of Americans.

One has to wonder if America has failed to invest in its future and its people how we came to be $21 trillion in debt with $210 trillion in future promises liability.

He ignores the fact it is Americans (typically under informed or detached) that elect and re-elect and re-elect politicians that directly contribute to our shortcomings. Or that Americans are so willing to allow themselves to be propagandized and conned because all they want is what appears to be in their self-interest while ignoring the cost, the shallowness of promises or long-term negative consequences.

Mr Brill’s article makes a great case for our growing propensity to blame something or someone else for our not having what we think we deserve.


  1. I have not read Brill’s article, but looked him up in wikipedia. Apparently he is a very bright lawyer/journalist who has written good stuff about education, among other important topics. I also noted that he graduated from Deerfield Academy, one of the most exclusive and expensive prep schools in the country, tuition about 46 k a year, 60k if you are a boarder. He then went to Yale and Yale Law. He has homes in New York and Westchester County.

    In describing the “we” who have failed, I wonder if he is describing a thin slice of society sitting on the top, and generalizing its characteristics to include a much broader and deeper section.

    Many Americans do make bad choices in their personal lives, and in many other aspects: education, politics, recreation and occupation. Our society cannot be better than the sum of the individuals and families in it.


    1. He explained his background in the article, but as I mentioned he looks at only one side of the equation as I see it.


      1. Mr. Brill made some very good points. Lawyers are one of the reasons many things are screwed up, in America today. Almost, no one is held accountable for anything today, I blame the courts. I am sure you remember the 2013 case in Texas.

        The Affluenza Defense: Judge Rules Rich Kid’s Rich Kid-ness Makes Him Not Liable for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident.

        A very funny Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story Aug 1, 2005.


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