Teachers ARE NOT Underpaid

A new poll shows 75% of Americans think teachers do not earn enough and would be willing to pay higher taxes to pay them more.

The private sector makes double what we do,” he (a high school teacher) said.

Americans are a gullible bunch. We are easily manipulated, we like our preconceived notions reinforced even when the facts don’t back them up and we are emotional to the point of supporting causes and groups that are not what they appear.

The above is an example. Americans generally support public employees when they fight for better contracts, higher pay and better benefits. Despite the results of that poll quoted above, Americans generally do not relate these costs to their current or future taxes.

The press vilifies CEOs for their high pay, but ignores that the majority of reported pay is not salary, but the future value of pensions, stock options and stock awards all of which may or may not be realized. When it comes to public employees the opposite occurs. The press pushes “low salaries” but ignores the significant value of non-cash compensation.

Teachers, with few exceptions, are not underpaid in total compensation relative to private sector workers in their communities.

Sure, if you look at salaries in Alabama they look low, but now look at household income and living costs in the same area. The Northeast press looks at those salaries and calls it a crisis basing their outrage on Northeast living costs and incomes.

To fan the fire Democrats jump on the bandwagon of misinformation to support their long-time allies and contributors, teacher and other public unions.

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