Is there a possibility that curing disease such as cancer is not a real goal?

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the following charges really got me thinking.

This is the bill for just two initial chemotherapy treatments (out of a year of treatment). That’s a lot of money, especially for the drugs, a lot of money.

What is the profit being made here? Who knows, we can’t even tell what the real price is, the fair price. Over half the total bill was written off because of existence of insurance. However, even at that we are looking at over $70,000.

Here is a real life example of just how dysfunctional our health care system is. If this bill was presented to Medicare or Medicaid, the allowed charges would be even less. Why isn’t every payer charged the same?

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  1. The hospitals and doctors overcharge for everything, because they know that the insurance companies will cut the amount they will pay, down. Also, this will allow them to show the markdowns as a loss and pay less taxes on income that they do receive.

    Until we have truth in charges for medical services, nothing will change. I never can get a correct price for any medical services I receive until after the service is provided.

    I hit a deer with my car in March, 2018, the estimate from the repair shop was $3,450. I did a cashout and my insurance company paid me $3,200 to fix the car myself. My brother is a retired automotive body shop repairman, we fixed the car for $1,500. Now that the insurance companies have the repair shops write the estimates with no oversight, you get bills like this.

    Over $1,200 in new parts were listed for replacement, by the shop. My brother just repaired the sheet metal damage and painted the front of the car. The only parts that we had to buy was a new front grill that cost $42 on EBay. List price on the estimate $195. My brother even fixed other damage on the car, included in the $1,500 I paid him. The repair shop did a separate estimate for $1,500 for the additional repairs.


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