What kind of America do we want?

It is a given that government has a role in society for the common good. And, it is equally clear that government needs revenue, that is to say, taxes. How much of each is up for debate.

Today the liberal mindset seems to be moving more to the left implying virtually no limits on government’s role or the taxes needed.

Glad to help, but my health care is free, right?

We hear about Medicare-for-all, free college, forgiveness of student loans, expanded Social Security, and government guaranteed jobs among other social goals requiring more taxes. All at a time of rising government debt and depletion of Social Security and Medicare trusts.

To become closer to solvent government needs more revenue or less spending. And then we need to talk about revenue for any new programs.

To me all this raises several questions:

🤔 Is government the most efficient vehicle to change/support society?

🤔 How involved in our lives do we wish government to be?

🤔 How dependent do we wish to be on government and thus subject to future political winds?

🤔 How much of our income should be consumed with taxes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get definitive answers from both ends of the political spectrum?


  1. What kind of America do we want? Seems like a pretty meaningless question to me. A more pertinent question to ask is what kind of America we are going to get.

    If Benefit Jack is correct that more than 50% of the government benefit receiving population doesn’t pay the cost of the benefit and has the ability to vote for increasing benefits, I’d say that the outcome will be fairly obvious.

    For a time after the election of 2016 it seemed that the American public wanted to change direction, at least it appeared to me that there was some hope but politicians being politicians have dashed that hope. The spending bill proved that the Republican rhetoric bashing tax and spend Democrats was just that. When it comes to fiscal responsibility there is no difference in party. Republicans buy their votes with tax cuts and Democrats buy their votes with social spending while the deficits keep growing. I am not optimistic at all.


  2. How do you define “we”? if you define “we” as presidential candidate Mitt Romney did, where 53% of Americans bear all of the income tax burden, then sure, “we” want to pay our reasonable amount of taxes and expect everyone else who benefits from schools, roads, defense, homeland security, and constitutional protections to shoulder their proportionate share.

    Problem is, the other “47%” want the best government YOUR money will buy!

    Just to reconfirm, this is only getting worse. After the changes implemented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, signed by President Trump, the lowest three income quintiles, fully 60% of households will, as a group, pay NO federal income tax. And, 60% of households get a pass while the CBO projects that we will add another $12 Trillion in debt over the next ten years, raising our federal debt from $21 Trillion to $33 Trillion by 2028.

    That’s the government OUR representatives and president apparently want. They want the best government generations yet unborn will have to pay!


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