I have to pay what?

While enjoying a cup of coffee this morning I began talking with a young lady and it turned out she worked in a doctors office. We chatted about health insurance and patients.

“You wouldn’t believe what some people say when I tell them they have a deductible or there is a co-pay.” she said. “Oh yes I would, I replied. “Patients demand to know why they must pay anything out of pocket.”

Then she explained when patients find out that a routine exam (she works for an ophthalmologist) is not covered, they are annoyed at her. “Can’t you make it covered somehow they say?” Others simply walk out of the office when they learn their insurance won’t pay for the exam.

The young lady also said people have no idea what insurance they have or what it covers or what a co-pay or coinsurance is or how a deductible works. All they want to know is why they have to pay anything if they have insurance.

Where have you heard all this before? 😎

The fact is that virtually no one sees paying for health care as an individual responsibility while they view health insurance, not as insurance as it’s intended to be, but as a fund to draw upon to pay for any and all health care.

That pervasive attitude is why we cannot come to grips with health care costs… and why eventually paying for health care will be buried in taxes 🤑🤑🤑 you know “free” like it is in the UK and Scandinavian countries. 🤫

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