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Teachers vs your doctor $$$$$

The median US teacher salary was $55,259, in March 2018 and you can add AT LEAST another 35% for non-cash compensation (pensions, health benefits, etc.) which equals $74,599.

Now relatively speaking considering training, hours worked (compensated or not), overall skill required and significance of impact, what is a fair pay relationship between a teacher and a primary care physician? 2x, 3x, 4x or more?

In the most recent Medscape report, the average primary care physician earned $223,000 (with most paying their own benefit costs).

So if we use the total compensation figures we get a multiple of 2.98 and if we use cash pay we get 4.0.

The question becomes more interesting when you factor in hours worked. The average doctor works 59.6 hours a week for say 48 weeks a year. According to the NEA, the average teacher works 50 hours a week for what, 39-40 weeks?

So, are teachers or doctors overpaid, underpaid or about right?

Note: I realize there is a slight difference between median and average and there are wide variables by location for both professions.


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