And why by any stretch of the imagination do we think Medicare-For-All will do a better job? 🤔

It’s not just the fraud, but the fact that it takes years to detect it.

A growing number of politicians and Americans are buying into the single-payer concept largely out of frustration and the very misguided notion that they can have “affordability” and the unlimited access to health care most people now enjoy.

It ain’t going to work that way. The potential for massive fraud is one reason, but the mundane old reason of managing costs is another. Every single-payer government system in the world uses some form of budgeting and rationing to manage its costs. Americans do not understand the trade offs that are necessary and proponents of single-payer coverage are not inclined to explain.

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  1. Every once and a while I read an on-line newspaper from neighboring British Columbia. For the past several years there are periodic reports of the severe lack of primary care doctors throughout the province. Many people have to wait three to six months for an appointment with a primary care physician. In addition, many others wait months for surgery unless it is considered life threatening. Slow growing tumour? How does December sound?

    Canadians apparently still give high marks to their national health system in poll after poll. I don’t think Americans are as patient and long suffering as Canadians.

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