Who said nothing can be free? Premiums go up, but premiums go down.

Is there any reason for average people to care about health insurance premiums?

The Associated Press: Premiums Shoot Up, But Many Are Paying Less For ‘Obamacare’

Consumers getting financial assistance under former President Barack Obama’s health care law will pay lower premiums this year, even though the “list price” for their health insurance shot up. That odd result is reflected in a report issued Tuesday by the Trump administration. After federal aid, the average monthly premium paid by subsidized customers on HealthCare.gov is dropping to $89 from last year’s $106. That’s a 16 percent savings even though the “list price” premium went up about 30 percent, now averaging $639 for those subsidized customers. (4/3) via Kaiser Health News

Thats a pretty dumb question. However, when premiums are highly subsidized as described above, it’s hard to believe these folks care because what is actually happening with health care costs is masked. On the other hand, taxpayers should care a great deal.

The “affordable” part of Obamacare is and always has been an illusion.

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