Elizabeth Warren is at it again … naive and misleadingšŸ˜¢

Read the following. Does it raise any questions? You know, like how do you make something affordable by shifting costs to others and where will the money come from for yet more subsidies?

The Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act also includes a number of provisions aimed at increasing the affordability of ACA coverage. The bill enhances the affordability of ACA plans by increasing premium tax credits, expanding cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies, and making more families eligible for premium tax credits.

These changes will guarantee that every individual on the ACA exchanges has access to a plan that covers 80% of out-of-pocket costs and costs no more than 8.5% of income in premiums.

The bill would also guarantee payment of CSRs, strengthen protections for essential health benefits, require all short-term insurance products to meet ACA standards, and block the Trump Administration’s rule on association health plans.

For a supposed intelligent, educated person Elizabeth Warren either has little common sense or has allowed herself to become nothing more than a pandering politician. Her past life experiences (and perhaps her academic life) have warped her perspective on many things.

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