Our myths


  1. As one person above said there is usually a grain of truth in a comment about a myth. I get several emails from Congress folks and the White House. Several NJ Congress folks and others in the country have said that Congress has taken money out of our SS fund for other things.
    Both parties. In 2016, their attempt was stopped by a group in the HOUSE> So I think that they would know if they used our money while they were in Congress. They admitted it. I’m sure other members would not like us to find out about it. And they do get a pension which is almost the amount they get while serving for life. It’s only a bit less. More than we make.

    and Illegals have been using fraudulent Social Security numbers for a while now. They recently released a number of how many were caught. thousands. I keep hearing that they pay their taxes; how? Social Security SAID they do not issue SS cards to anyone who can’t prove they are a citizen. I called them. this also means they cannot vote but they have voted in our elections.
    They just came out with information on that too for one state. They checked all the records back as it was a legal case. My uncle is a Judge and Sheriff.


  2. Funny thing about myths is that they almost always have some amount of truth in them even if they are mostly false which is why so many people choose to believe them.


  3. The wealth of some takes from the wealth of others. This is sometimes true. Golden parachutes for top executives regardless of their performance is one example. Public union contracts with states and cities allowing overtime pay to be calculated as the basis for retirement is another example. Cronyism and nepotism in government is another example. There are many other examples of course. Wealth can be earned honestly. It can be earned otherwise. Pretending this is not the case is not realistic.


    1. Don’t think I agree. Golden parachutes don’t take from anyone except perhaps dilute shareholder equity by a little. The other examples are simply a reflected in taxes and all takes take.


    2. In most cases, I have to support the calculation of overtime into pensions. I worked shift work for 32 years. We worked 24/7 which means averaging in excessive of 40 hours a week (our base pay). Most years I worked an average of 54 hrs a week. Some weeks I worked 72 hrs to provide coverage, covering for vacation, sick time, training, equipment outages, I would often work an extra 300 to 480 hours extra per year. This happened year in and year out. Now add in all the “6th days” OT days (these are the days in schedule you have to work 48 hr per week or there is a gap in the 24/7 coverage). This was just compensation for all the holidays that I missed, like Christmas, all the kids birthdays, all the weekend weddings, football games, school plays, you get the point. When I was hired, I knew that I was going to make about 30% more as a shift worker than my base pay. Beside the wage laws that dictate the extra pay over 40 hrs, the union contracts are also meant as a penalty to force the company or a city to limit the amount of overtime workers that are on shift and to limit the use of overtime by hiring more people. But sadly, due to benefits costs, it is cheaper to pay the overtime and over work the employees.

      In for last year that I worked, my pay was 50% higher because of overtime. That was what my standard of living was based on, because that was what I earned for those 32 years. My pension plan used all wages earned into the calculation, but it was still a 58% pay cut to retire. I am not complaining, I still got a pension.

      So all those police officers, firefighters, utility workers, medical workers, I totally agree that all overtime should be counted. They do not work the standard 40 week and their pay and pension reflects that.


      1. Have have no issue with OT counting unless it is misused in the year or so just before retirement like they do in NYC. The cost issues include adding in unused sick days, retirement after 20 years regardless of age and COLAs


      2. Boy, did I wish I got paid for my sick days. I used only 3.5 in my working career. But I agree that they should never be counted as extra pay. Whether you work or are out sick, it is the same basic 40 hour pay. It’s not extra pay above those 40 hours.


      3. If a company pays out cash for sick days it is actually paying double. Sick days should be available to use only when an employee is sick and unable to work in my opinion.


  4. .

    In my state the lion’s share of property taxes goes to schooling illegals which is mandated by the federal government which has done little or nothing to keep illegals from crossing the border and accessing taxpayer money.


    The US government borrows money from the SS trust fund and replaces that money with US government bonds. So SS money does help fund the US government.



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