Social Security

Latest 2019 Social Security COLA estimate – trend is up

The CPI-W for January 2018 was 241.919, and for February 2018 it was 242.988

Both are a significant increase over the previous months. It is also significantly higher than the 2017 benchmark average. That average is 239.668

The last three month average for the CPI-W now stands at 241.811

The 2019 COLA will be determined by how much the average for July, August and September 2018 exceeds the 239.668 average for the same months in 2017.

The CPI-W has increased by 2.3% over the last twelve months. The Social Security actuaries estimate an increase of about 3% for 2019.


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  1. Absolutely correct. In my view, the best retirement plan for a working class person is a fully paid off house and no consumer debt. No “smart” phone either. Is it smart to pay that kind of money for a pocket size computer with a screen you can’t even read? My tracfone flip phone works just fine thank you. So does my PC on DSL and not cable.


  2. I have done the COLA math plenty of times to see if I am ahead or behind in the inflation game and there are inflation calculators that help. I have been retired from the USAF since 1995 and the COLAs help but, they do not keep you even.
    My military pension has gone up 63%, thanks to the COLAs. Rent up 107% Food up over 100%, New Car up 115%. The only way to make it in retirement is no debt and adjust spending down. If you do not need it do not buy it. No cable TV, no eating out and drive a 10 year old car that is paid off.


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