You want it, you pay for it


  1. Well, that ignores all of the stuff I funded with my taxes over the past 47 years. Where do I go to get credit for all of that – so that I can drive roads I already paid for, multiple times over, education I already paid for, multiple times over, national defense I paid for, multiple times over – and everytime, at least for the past 35 years, where I paid dramatically more in taxes than others who received much the same (if not greater benefits). I never used unemployment, welfare, Medicaid, and have yet to claim Medicare and Social Security. I served my years in the Army at below minimum wage compensation levels.

    Fact is, when everyone else has taken action to catch up to the investment I have made, then, we can all talk about who has to pay how much to fund what.

    Too many free riders, in the past, today, and in the future.


      1. Yes and no. However, if others had to fund their own Medicaid, welfare, etc. first, they wouldn’t want more and more and more.

        In terms of avoiding the need, as a good thing, i’m Reminded about the trite expression of “too much of a good thing”


    1. Actually, according to the Internet, your 47 years of paying taxes probably have not paid for a thing, just interest payments. The last time the US had no debt was in 1835. We have had only 5 balance budgets since 1960 which means only 5 times has income equal expenses, no supplus to help pay down the debt faster. In 2013, two children of the US Civil War were still being paid benefits and that is not from the money raise by taxes in the 1860’s. USA Today reported in 2013 that the US Treasury was still paying down the $1.3 million in pre-1917 debt. It would be my guess that with our current national debt of $20.9 trillion, that your great-great…..great-grandchildren born in the next century might just get around to paying our what we are spending today. Scary thought.

      Can you imagine how big your house could be if you ran your finances like the government?


      1. Actually, in my lifetime, the national debt has never been paid down to $0. So, none of my taxes paid the debt, because, net net, debt always increased (with a couple of years lull the last two years of Clinton).


  2. I have an idea. When you fill out your income tax form, check boxes for which program you like to fund with your tax money. Currently New Jersey’s income tax form has 27 choices for charitable contributions beside funding the gubernatorial election. Why not do this for all the government programs.
    Would you like to be taxed to fund education?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund national defense?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund roads?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund Medicare?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund police protection?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund farmer subsidies?
    Would you like to be taxed to fund water treatment plants?
    Would you like to be taxed to pay your senator?

    You get the idea. You could break it down by each program line item in the federal budget. Most of this would work out to be fractions of a penny to a few dollars per taxpayer.

    Some people would check everything, going sure, I support education and it’s only a few dollars right up until they get their total tax bill.

    Others will not fund a thing. For those people, deny them access. Did you fund the roads? No? Then you can’t drive on the roads. Did you fund the police? No? They are not coming to help you. You didn’t fund the schools, you better learn to teach your kids to read. You didn’t fund the famers? Then you can’t eat. You didn’t fund the Bridge to Nowhere? Good for you, you can drive on that road only. Did you fund your senator’s pay? No? He is going to take away your entitlements.

    After people are denied the government services that they think they are entitled to, then maybe
    they’ll realize those entitlements have costs.


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