Taxes and health care expenses have a lot in common

Americans like what taxes and health care spending buy … but like it more when someone else foots the bill.

I know what is best, trust me

Politicians are great at this con game.

On the left they promise new programs and create new ongoing liabilities while convincing voters only the wealthy will pay more and then fail to keep funding levels adequate.

On the right they promise tax cuts and either con people about the way they will be paid for or simply ignore paying for them.

All the while uniformed Americans think they can have both lower taxes and keep all the past promises made. Many of those promises are unlimited and costs keep escalating unrestrained while paying for them deteriorates into higher deficits … because politicians don’t want to risk telling the truth about taxes.

Americans in general allow their compassion and sympathies to block reality. Help the poor, help the elderly, expand Medicaid and Medicare, give teachers and firefighters a raise, maintain our roads, but don’t bother me with the relationship with spending and my tax bills. Just like how we want to ignore the connection between our health care spending and health insurance premiums. In that case we have allowed ourselves to falsely be convinced that high premiums are the result of insurance companies raking in the profits.

The “wealthy” or 1% or 10% don’t have enough money to pay for all the promises being made or those that have been made. They actually do pay their fair share in many ways even beyond direct income taxes.

Remember the movie line “You can’t handle the truth!”? Well Americans not only can’t handle the truth, they don’t want the truth and politicians know that and thus freely treat us accordingly.

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  1. Here in the State of Washington the price for renewing car licenses increased dramatically in the three counties closest to Seattle. The increase s were the result of a public referendum which greatly expanded light rail. The public voted for the expansion, but the following year were “stunned” when their license fees became due, some doubling in price from the previous year. High end cars are now above $700 per year. The Democrats who run the statehouse, the governor’s office and most county offices around Seattle feigned surprise that the fees increased so much. ” I had no idea!” said they.


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