The next time you hear Old Bernie Sanders touting the greatness of single-payer health care and its “free” stuff, ask about this‼️

The financial problems of the NHS are now “endemic” and have worsened so significantly in the past year that the situation is no longer sustainable, Whitehall’s official auditor has warned.

Two-thirds of health trusts in England are now in deficit, the National Audit Office has discovered, while their total debt has almost trebled since 2015 to £2.45bn. Auditors were particular alarmed by the decision to transfer £950m from the NHS’s budget for buildings and IT to pay staff’s wages.

MPs say the report amounts to one of the the most critical assessments of NHS finances by official auditors, as their reports usually err on the side of caution. The report will add to pressure on Theresa May and the chancellor, Philip Hammond, to set aside extra money in the autumn statement on Wednesday to plug the funding gap in the health service.

Meg Hillier, the chair of the public accounts committee, said the Department of Health was making “pie in the sky assumptions” about closing that gap. Source: The Guardian 11/16


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  1. I believe a single payer health system could work in the USA. But it would require all businesses and retirees to pay premiums just like Medicare. Also, everyone would have to pay co-pays based on income. Only those that qualify for Medicaid would have no or lower co-pays. Far from “free” that good old Bernie claims. It really does not matter if an insurance
    company or government runs the program as long as admin costs are limited by law, no increases higher than inflation. Under any healthcare system cost increases are very hard to limit. Just remember most things that are considered “free” are paid for by someone.


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