No more death panels

but of course there never was such a thing.

Congress has again changed Obamacare this time eliminating the the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), once labeled intentionally and incorrectly death panel.

Hearing the critics of the IPAB over the years it was clear they never read the law or simply chose to mislead and lie about it.

The IPAB was to make suggestions to control the cost of Medicare if certain cost triggers were reached. What it could recommend was quite limited.

No matter, it’s gone and once again we have demonstrated our unwillingness to address health care costs in any meaningful way. It’s too hard and risky to tell Americans the truth.


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  1. No one ever appointed to IPAB. No authority to control expense other than to cut provider reimbursements – other than shift costs to those covered elsewhere.

    Stupid idea. Never executed. Good riddance.


  2. The editors of, choose “death panels” as their 2009 inaugural “Lie of the Year.” Thank you Sarah Palin.

    With the death of the death panels, I guess Washington will have to put forth a new lie. Good thing there are so many people willing to step up and provide America with a new lie.

    Maybe should declare a “Statement of Truth” so we all will know that we are not being lied to from Washington. I wonder if I’ll still be alive to hear a truth out of Washington.


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