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Generalities, misleading “facts” and the case for moving elsewhere

I love reading these points of view, but they are both sad and scary and a bit pathetic as well. Yup, America is a pretty horrible place to live and only Old Bernie can fix it.

For the record, the Gilded age ended before 1900. 💰

How easily people can be controlled by propaganda.

That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into

If you work at USA’s largest employer (WalMart), you’re still living in poverty and qualify for government assistance. Our healthcare industry is falling behind all other industrial worlds. Canada now outranks us on the quality of healthcare provided universally to their citizens.

Americans are one major illness or broken bone away from bankruptcy or financial ruin. Bragging about the stock market is sad when you consider our gross income and wealth inequality. We haven’t seen anything like this class disparity since the Gilded Ages of 1920–30’s.

The recent tax cut was a gift to the donor class, nothing more. As for his quote regarding “unelected bureaucrats,” all I can do is laugh. When billionaires and corporations can funnel substantial cash into political coffers and spread that money across state lines, our elected politicians are nothing more than paper pushers for the ruling Oligarchy. We don’t have a democracy or a representative republic.

US citizens have come to expect no help from either corporate-owned political party. No matter who we cast ballots for, the working class slips further and further behind. When you consider the most popular politician in America is Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, you know times are changing. However, don’t expect the revolution to be televised. Source: Muncievoice.com

Why do people work for Walmart? Perhaps because they posses no qualifications to do better. Nearly half of Americans are in a government-run, single payer health care system – the answer to low quality health care? Tax cuts; a myth only the wealthy benefit although disturbingly adding to debt. Most popular politician? Why not, he can promise everyone everything and pits Americans against one another without accountability. A dreamer and naive career politician who has accomplished exactly nothing in Congress because he doesn’t even understand how to make something work or the consequences of doing so. No help from political parties? More than half the federal budget goes to an array of social programs.


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  1. Why do people work for Walmart? Because the high schools closed all the auto shops, welding shops and other shop classes that used to be available. Because now everyone is told to go to college. We all know how well that has worked out, over 1 trillion $s of college debt, that may never be paid back in full.
    Over 50 percent of 2014 college grads are now working in jobs that do not require a degree.
    Our schools are not teaching the skills needed to enter the workforce right out of high school, like they did 50 years ago.


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