Why we can’t fix health care… idiot politicians who don’t get the concept of insurance

Does your AAA assure you maintain your vehicle? Does your life insurance monitor your health on a regular basis? Does your homeowners make sure you trim large trees? NO‼️


Why do we expect health insurance to act differently? Why? Because, partially fostered by political rhetoric such as below, we have been convinced it is not insurance and that insurers should manage our care, manage health care providers and do all that at a cost that we deem “affordable” regardless of the facts.

Warren wants plans as affordable as Medicare. Let’s see, Medicare has no out-of-pocket limits, Medicare only works when you buy supplemental coverage at $200 plus a month AND Medicare dictates low providers fees which works only because costs are shifted to others; mainly private insurers. And Medicaid is worse.

What happened? The Affordable Care Act supported by the likes of Warren was supposed to make health care, let alone insurance “affordable.” Neat trick (that can’t work) when you also mandate more coverage, make services “free” and remove any ability to manage the risk.

Warren is nothing more than a phony political opportunist 🤥 And she, like most other politicians, don’t tell the American people what it takes to achieve her kind of affordable. She is simply reprehensible.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, threw down the gauntlet to health insurers in a speech on Thursday: they need new rules to hold them accountable to Americans’ health care needs.

The Huffington Post reports that Warren’s speech ticked off three ways she sees as doing that. First, rein them in from transferring costs to consumers; second, compel private insurers to offer plans that are as affordable as Medicare and Medicaid; and third, “call their bluff” if they fail to comply with the first two. source: BenefitsPro


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