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So, aren’t we saying the real cause of poverty is the lack of integrity of politicians?

I found this statement quite amazing.

When wasn’t political access concentrated at the top? What this says is that Americans elect individuals who could care less about them. If that is true, we sure spend a lot of money on programs that nobody has access to.

And about that increase in income; that’s mostly capital gains as a result of the robust stock market. Things didn’t look so good for these folks during the Great Recession, but we all know about the recovery.

I’m still waiting for an honest explanation of what causes poverty. This ain’t it. In fact, I find this rather stupid.

The casual use of “inequality” is an excuse for several things among them a greatly changed global economy, technology, dumbed down education and individual life styles and choices.

What is one cause of poverty?

I would say the rampant inequality. The bottom 20 percent of the workforce has seen a real income decline by double-digit amounts since the Nixon years. The 1 percent at the top, or the 0.1 percent – or if you go even higher, the 0.01 percent, the billionaires – have seen their income increase by not just 1, 2 or 3 percent, but by thousands of percent. What it means is political access is concentrated at the top, and as soon as that happens you end up with a political class that doesn’t respond to the needs of ordinary people. Source: US News September 2013


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  1. See other comments on poverty.

    Poverty, as defined by our federal government, is a misnomer.

    However, it is clear that the majority of Americans are in the top 10% (income or wealth) if you consider the world’s population.

    Obvious why so many want to come to the states, despite our “high levels of poverty”.

    Politicians foment class envy among those who prefer to skip school, pass on work, and make decisions that all but consign them to financial difficulty.


  2. This article is a little dated (2013 from US News). You could wrongly contribute it to the 2018 Democrats. The current Democrats and liberals who try to have you believe that the Republicans are the 1% and only their fellow millionaires have access to influence government rules and regulations.

    Accordingly, the Democrats claim to be speaking for the other 99%, then how did Trump win with only 1% voting for him? How do they explain that currently, seven of the ten richest members of Congress are Democrats? What about the Democrat’s latest sweetheart Oprah Winfrey who is worth $2.8 billion? SOund like money talking to me.

    I agree with Jack B. that poverty is not where you are on a bell curve of income but should be based on a standard of living providing the basic needs of existence.


  3. “I’m still waiting for an honest explanation of what causes poverty.” Hey, I’m still waiting for an explanation of what poverty is. Is it an arbitrary amount of income below the national average? I would think it should be a certain standard of living below which you cannot fulfill the basic needs of existence and not a relative comparison to what other people have.


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